Kitchen Remodeling Services in Seattle

We offer high quality kitchen remodeling services in the Seattle area.

Whatever you need - installation of cabinets, granite tops, sink, kitchen windows, tile work or wood floor, better lighting. Maybe you need maximize a small kitchen space?

Tell us your dream and we will accomplish it!

This picture shows a kitchen remodeling project in Kirkland WA, more pictures and information are coming.

We offer Kitchen Remodeling Services in the Seattle Area

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Quality Should Come First
Always choose the best quality you are able to afford. When it comes to kitchen renovations, you want high-quality, efficient items, both for yourself and for potential resale value if you sell your house in the foreseeable future.

Consider Your Needs vs. Wants
Be practical and don't buy unneeded items. It can be tempting to buy a variety of gadgets and pretty kitchen appliances, but it's better to go with the reliable basic principles that you know you'll use and get the money's worth from.

Take the layout into account
A lot more than any other room inside your home, your kitchen needs to be practical and functional. Think about how you use your present kitchen to recognize your priorities for the remodeled space. What works and what doesn't? Consider the structure and assess exactly what will work best for your home.

Whenever possible, you should attempt to make use of the classic work triangle. Arrange the sink, refrigerator, and range (the three appliances used the most) in a triangular setup. That is generally considered to be the most convenient pattern since it saves unnecessary steps.

Also think about how precisely many people usually work in your kitchen at the same time. If it's more than one, you might want to incorporate more than one workstation. Or, if there's enough room, consider adding an island or buy a wheeled cart that can be moved around the area and set aside when not in use.

Kitchen Space Planning
An excellent remodeling contractor can help you make sure things are organized to ensure proper safety, but it's up to you to arrange for convenience. Here are some things to remember:

Intend to have at a minimum of 36 ins of counter-top space for preparing food, with at least 24 ins on one side of the kitchen sink and 18 in . on the other. If you can fit more, achieve this task.

Leave adequate living area before appliances so the doors can be exposed and you could still walk in front of them. You'll need at least 30 to 48 in ..

Leave enough space for traffic stream. There should be at least 42 ins between your counters and the island (if there is one) so that individuals may easily walk through without disrupting anyone working at the counters.

Discuss all your hopes and requirements with your contractor or designer to make sure space is planned in a manner that will ensure convenience and simple movement for you and your family.

Once you really know what you want, and what you can afford, you can employ the service of a remodeling contractor and begin to build the kitchen of your dreams!